The Wellness House is a diverse and dedicated team of independent health professionals who are committed to providing first class care to all people in a multidisciplinary setting. 

Delivering integrated care is a key strategic direction in order to provide greater coordination and collaboration of care with other referred services for people with chronic conditions.  Our Wellness Clinic is an extension of a partnership program we undertook with Western NSW primary health network in developing a more supportive delivery model. This should assist us in being able to offer a more proactive approach in helping you to achieve your health outcomes.

We believe we can achieve more for our patients by working as a group and in connecting with the greater network of health support services throughout the community rather than as separate practitioners or entities. 

We also have a strong focus on education and training our future healthcare workforce through the Australian General Practice Training program and our ongoing partnerships with the University of Sydney, the University of NSW as well as the local Charles Sturt University.

We will continue to be guided by the goal of assisting people to improve their health and wellness with the aim of delivering a high quality of care through the use of innovation and efficiencies while cultivating an engaged workforce and healthy workplace.

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