What is Naturopathy?
A naturopath can help you to understand healthy diet and lifestyle choices. By implementing these choices, you can improve and maintain your health. A balanced diet and lifestyle is also an important factor in disease prevention. Naturopathic advice combined with herbal medicines can improve your health, energy, mood, libido and sleep.

Herbal medicines are medicines made exclusively from plants. The use of herbal medicines has been documented for over 2000 years. Herbal medicine is the origin of many of our medicines today.

Research has confirmed the therapeutic effects of many traditional herbal medicines. A medical herbalist is able to combine traditional aspects of herbal medicine with the current knowledge from scientific research. Medical herbalists are trained to understand and avoid potential interactions of herbal medicines with conventional medicines.

 The combination of naturopathy and herbal medicine results in a holistic approach and the treatment is tailored to each individual patient’s needs. This enables the practitioner to select an appropriate combination of plant remedies just for you. The choice of herbal medicines can be explained and further reading can be recommended. 

Conditions that may be helped
Naturopathy and Herbal Medicines may help:
Acne, eczema, psoriasis
Allergies, including hay fever
Arthritis, muscular aches and pains
Breast feeding complications
Digestive and bowel complaints
Energy levels
Infant complaints such as colic, weaning and teething
Menstrual, menopausal and gynaecological conditions
Preconception and fertility
Pregnancy ailments such as anaemia, heart burn, nausea, preparation for birth
Prevention of disease by minimising risk factors
Recurrent inflammation and infections
Stress, anxiety, insomnia
Weight loss
Vitamin/Mineral deficiencies - such as iron, B12, calcium

Medical care from your doctor can often be complemented with naturopathy and herbal medicines. For example, herbs can promote healing and vitality in a patient following illness, surgery or cancer treatment.

The herbal medicines and dietary supplements prescribed are supplied by reputable and established manufacturers. The herbs are organically grown where possible. Herbs may be used in many forms - an alcohol based liquid (tincture), dried herbs (herbal tea), tablets, capsules, oils and herbal creams.

The Consultation
The initial consultation involves half an hour focusing on you and your health, followed by half an hour focusing on your treatment plan. This may be booked as a 1 hour block or can be divided into 2 half hour blocks to fit around your other commitments.

Your current health problem is the focus of the first 30 minute consultation. Your diet, general lifestyle and previous medical history will be discussed. Please bring along any medicines you are currently taking, including any herbs and dietary supplements, as well as medicines prescribed by your doctor.

The second 30 minute consultation is to discuss, prepare and implement a treatment plan. You will receive a detailed report describing dietary and lifestyles changes as well as a prescription sheet describing which herbal medicines you are taking and why. Herbal medicines and/or dietary supplements will usually be prescribed to start your treatment program.

If required, subsequent visits may be booked weekly, monthly or at longer intervals. The length of the treatment depends on the illness and the individual involved.

All clinical records are kept securely and patient confidentiality is assured.


Angela Duncan
Medical Herbalist and Naturopath Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Nuclear Medicine) Diploma of Herbal Medicine Diploma of Naturopathy Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) Member of National Herbalist Association Australia (NHAA)

Angela is a fully qualified, university trained, professional naturopath specialising in herbal medicines. She is an accredited member of ANTA and NHAA. This means that Angela maintains high standards of professional practice, is bound by a Code of Ethics and maintains continuing professional education.

Angela trained in London and has furthered her studies in Australia. After ten years of working in public hospitals, Angela left her career as a Senior Nuclear Medicine Technologist to pursue a life long interest in herbal medicine and naturopathy. Angela enjoys working with clients to lead them back to health so they have more energy and vitality to enjoy life.

For more information please visit www.angeladuncan.com